How many times have you tried on a wedding gown and said; 

"I really like this dress, but if only it had..."

Well, you don't have to search, ponder or settle anymore.  With Envious Bridal's custom wedding dresses, you get the dress the way you want it. 



A custom made bridal gown, tailored to your style, wedding and dreams...

A one of a kind of dress creation that is as beautiful as you. 


  • A custom wedding dress is a truly exceptional and one of a kind piece that is inspired from your bridal vision.

  • Specifically designed and fitted to your style and body.

  • The construction of your custom wedding dress is entirely handmade.

  • Gorgeous and high quality fabrics and trimmings.

  • An exclusive, exciting and memorable experience in creating your dream dress, custom made especially for you.

A Custom Wedding Dress Means Your Gown Will Truly Be One Of A Kind

Your wedding is once in a lifetime…so shouldn’t your wedding dress be that once in a lifetime kind of special too?  

A custom made wedding dress is the quintessence of one of a kind; uniquely designed to embody your personality and intricately handcrafted especially for you.  We will collaborate with you to bring the wedding gown you envision…to life; creating a perfect dress for your perfect day.

Envious Bridal is a Perth wedding dress designer and maker creating high quality, delightfully stunning bridal gowns at an incredibly reasonable price point. Our specialty is custom made wedding dresses and we can confidently say that almost no dress is impossible for us to create.

Don’t be intimidated by the route of getting your wedding dress custom made. We understand that some brides may be apprehensive about going custom because shopping for an off the rack dress is already complicated enough. Then there’s all the bridal lingo, terms and conditions that bridal stores stipulate, design, size and colour restrictions, not being able to see the materials or try on their dress and it may be daunting to not see your wedding dress until the completion stage. Of course, there’s also the extremely high price tag connotation with getting a wedding dress custom made.

Yes, that is true, but we believe and do things a little bit differently here at Envious Bridal.

We Create Custom Wedding Dresses That Are Actually Affordable

We create custom wedding dresses that are reasonably priced. We let you design your dream wedding dress. The best part? You’ll still be able to stay within your budget.

And how do we do that?

We support and work with artisan dressmakers.

Furthermore, we choose to only carry our own collection and offer custom made because we don’t have to go by another designer’s provisions, which mean we don’t have to follow their rules and restrictions when it comes to such things as design modifications or the ordering of dresses. This allows us to be highly flexible so we can be more accommodating to your specific needs and requirements.

Our dresses are just as high quality as that of comparable bridal boutiques at a fraction of the price. Cheaper doesn’t have to look cheap and custom doesn’t have to cause headaches or cost your entire savings.

The Custom Wedding Dress Process: It’s Not As Hard As It Sounds

It’s true. The custom made process for a wedding gown can get quite lengthy and complicated. We understand it can get overwhelming and confusing with what is involved. We get it, we really do. That is why it is our aim to make it as simple and enjoyable for you as possible throughout the entire process by being upfront, transparent and responsive to all your questions. We’re realistic about the design and technicalities of the dressmaking creation and will always give you our honest and professional advice.

We know that getting your wedding dress custom made may sound like a daunting experience but let us assure you, we strive to simplify and streamline the process for you as much as possible because we know as a bride, and you already have so many other things to take care of!

Some brides just can’t find the perfect dress because there’s always a little something that they wish to change but with pre-existing wedding dress designs, there’s no opportunity to make those certain tweaks.

We think that you shouldn’t have to settle to just be OK with those elements. Your wedding is, after all, your once in a lifetime dress, so you should get exactly what you envisioned. We offer flexibility with our custom made service, inviting you to explore your ideas and we work towards to best fulfill your requests. 

The Custom Process: What’s Involved?

1. Consultation & Conceptualization

We offer a free one hour consultation to which we get to know you better by discussing and explore your ideas and aspirations of your perfect custom made wedding dress. The custom made journey is a collaboration between yourself and us, so the more we know about you in terms of your personality, your style, your wedding details and your overall vision, the better it is for us to facilitate that dream wedding dress to life in the creation process.

We will go through and seek inspiration from photos, sample garments and discuss fabric compositions toward the creation of your custom wedding gown. You can be assured we will offer you our sincere, expert advice and suggestions in what is feasible or what is not in establishing realistic expectations.

2. Design & Dressmaking

Not only does your wedding dress have to look fabulous, the fit is also a very important element. To ensure that you will wear a style that is the most flattering for your body shape, we will discuss with you what fabrics would be most suitable for you.

We have access to a huge variety of fabrics; from laces to natural silks. If there is something particular that you are after, we will do our best to source it for you. Otherwise, you can choose from our available options.

3. Fitting & Finalization

The final fitting will be done once our dressmakers complete your custom wedding dress. You will have the opportunity to try on your custom wedding gown and our in house tailors will make the appropriate alterations as you require.

The Custom Wedding Dress Process Timeline

We recommend you book your initial consultations with us 6-7 months before your wedding date and custom wedding dress orders are required to be placed 5 months** before your wear date. We are also able to accommodate custom orders with an expedited delivery time-frame of under 4 months but this will incur a rush fee.

The Custom Wedding Dress Process Timeline

We recommend you book your initial consultations with us 6-7 months before your wedding date and custom wedding dress orders are required to be placed 5 months** before your wear date. We are also able to accommodate custom orders with an expedited delivery time-frame of under 4 months but this will incur a rush fee.



~2 hours

  • Discover your ideas & vision

  • Design consultation 

  • Your measurements taken

  • Upfront price quote & deposit payment


~1 month

  • Custom sketch

  • Fabric selection

  • Final design review


~5 months

  • Your dress is in production with our dressmakers. We will provide updates as often as required.


~1 month

  • Preliminary fittings 

  • Final fittings with our tailors 

* Production timeline are subject to change depending on the complexity of the wedding gown and detailing.

** Alterations are not included in the price of your custom wedding dress.

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