ESTELITA | Boho Lace Beach Wedding Dress

SKU: EST-HAL-L-Y18-230
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    Wisps of your hair gently blow with the light breeze, you’re gazing into the love of your life’s eyes, and you’re at your dream destination and in your dream wedding dress. A chic bohemian style with a romantic sweetheart neckline with arm sleeves, sheer bodice with a natural waistline fit flowing down to a graceful skirt made from luxe floral French lace with a subtle shimmer sheen.


    Lightweight, comfortable and oh so beautiful, you feel magical and pretty in your wedding dress, marking this wonderfully special day as one to always remember.


    We just envisioned the wedding and the bride that would pick and wear this beautifully chic boho lace wedding dress. If bohemian is your style, you love lace, you want a relaxed, comfortable and flattering fit, the ESTELITA is readily waiting for you.  

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